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The Decatur electric flow meter

Accurate water velocity measurement
The design of Decatur SVR designed for measurement of streams and rivers flow. It allows you to accurately measure the velocity of water outside the water. Especially in high speed water flow and flood conditions to measure the flow rate of water, when you use contact type measuring instrument will have great security risk situation, SVR will be your best choice. Unique high frequency microwave non-contact measurement, so that your security risk greatly reduced. Decatur is also known as Dekato SVR, the first to enter the China market, has been widely used in the National Hydrological workers.
1. technical features
L allows scientists to determine the surface velocity of water
L menu operation, friendly user interface
L contains cosine error correction, in which the vertical cosine error correction is automatically completed by the inner angle sensor of the gun body
L''s 5 digit display with higher accuracy can be accurate to one percent feet
L can recall the previous speed
L has serial data output interface
L high speed low speed can choose
AA rechargeable battery can be easily replaced by L
L can be measured with tripod support
L based on Scout platform
2. general indicators:
Measurement accuracy: + 0.1 ft / sec; + 0.03 M / sec
Working environment temperature: -30 to +70
Angle compensation: manual compensation for horizontal angle, vertical angle compensation, automatic compensation by angle inductor
Control: rubber keyboard, with Menu, Select, Power, Recall and Mode keys
Display: backlit LCD display
LCD display: displays speed readings, menu options, and information icons. The display screen can be set to display 10 or 100 of the speed accuracy
Feature: DSP32 bit processing. Automatic vertical angle compensation (tilt sensor). The horizontal angle compensation from 0 degrees to 60 degrees is increased by 5 degrees each time
Frame: the shell is a firm polycarbonate blend of ABS
Maximum humidity: +37 humidity, 90% relative humidity
Double power supply: six AA Ni MH batteries or detachable 12VDC cables, plug with car cigar lighter
Speed measurement unit: ft / sec (FPS); m / S (M/S)
Speed range: 0.3 FPS to 30 FPS; 0.1 M/S to 9.1 M/S (lower limit of speed range), indicating higher technical level
Standard warranty: parts and artificial warranty for 2 years, the whole machine warranty period of 2 years
Waterproof: in line with international strength standard IEC 529; 1989 and EC standard EN60529; grade IP55
3. mechanical index:
Size: 10.25 inches (high) x 3 inches (wide) x 7.25 inches long
26.305 cm x, 7.62 cm x18.415 cm
Weight: 21 pounds (0.952 kilograms) containing batteries
4. power index power supply:
Battery requirements: six AA Ni MH (NiMH) rechargeable batteries (convenient for users to change quickly anywhere, do not need to return factory)
Battery voltage range: +6.1 VDC to +7.2 VDC
Battery low voltage shutdown: +6.1 VDC
Removable power cord: plug in the cigar lighter of the vehicle (which is convenient for temporary battery power exhaustion and not easy to buy battery work, can be directly inserted into the car cigarette lighter, using the car battery power supply)
Power line voltage range: +8.5 VDC to +16.5 VDC
Power line low voltage shutdown: +8.5 VDC
5. power index power consumption parameter:
(all current is measured at 7.2VDC and backlit)
Backup (antenna pass): 0.105 Amperes
Antenna open (without target): 0.170 Amperes
Antenna open (with target): 0.172 Amperes


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