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KS-10 digital shaft linkage gauge

1 functional uses
KS-10 digital gate opening instrument for rivers, lakes, reservoirs, locks, hydropower stations and water supply and drainage engineering of the gate opening measurements, can use the coaxial connection, sprocket connection, gear coupling and other direct connection and the measured gate coupling, the instrument itself has an integrated design of stroke control switch, can be directly set stroke limit control point. At the same time, this series of equipment and with the gate hoist control device, an electric display connected display and control system; and the computer system connected water level measurement and control system, integrated station gate, hydropower; connection and communication machine, digital terminal equipment as hydrological automatic monitoring system, hydrological telemetry system using satellite.
This instrument can be used to measure the opening degree and limit the stroke of the flat gate, arc brake, screw hoist, hoist.
2 working principle
KS-10 series digital gate opening instrument is composed of mechanical or photoelectric encoder, stroke switch device and adaptive coupler. The gate movement through the coupler drive rotary encoder, and can output mechanical stroke gate position corresponding to the gray code encoding signal and the corresponding on-off signal.
The resolving power of KS-10 series digital gate opening instrument is 0.5cm or 1cm. The working process is as follows: when the gate for vertical movement or rotation, coupler is connected with gate is synchronous movement, then drive the rotation of the coupler spindle encoder, corresponding to the output encoder and the electrical socket through the rotating position of gate position encoding signal (gray). For the flat gate, the output signal by hardware or software for decoding, display and observation; for an arc or herringbone gate, by electrical display or computer on the gray automatic conversion and digital processing output.
While the encoder rotates, the axis of the integrated stroke switch device rotates synchronously through the reducer, such as reaching the limit state, that is, the output signal of "through" or "off" is sent to the controller.
3 technical parameters
A. measurement range: KS-10-B (mechanical encoder):0 ~ 10m;
KS-10-G (optical encoder):0 ~ 20m;
B. resolution: 1cm (mechanical encoder);
0.5, 0.1cm (photoelectric encoder);
C. output code: 10 ~ 13bit encoder: gray machine;
Photoelectric encoder: Gray code 13 ~ 16bit;
E. transmission distance: less than 500 meters;
F. coupling: shaft coupling coupling, gear coupling or sprocket coupling;
G. output form: (1) on-off contact: 3A/220VAC;
(2) OC gate: 30mA/30VDC.
3.1 communication interface (optional)
(1) RS485 interface: MODBUS protocol or other.
(2) analog signal output from 4 to 20mA.
3.2 use environment
A environmental temperature: -25 ~ 85 c;
B relative humidity: <90% (40 C);
D power supply voltage: 12 ~ 24VDC.
3.3 electric display (optional)


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