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JD05 tipping bucket

1 Overview
The instrument for measuring precipitation of an instrument, its performance conforms to the national standard GB/T11832-2002 "tipping bucket" and the national standard GB/T11831-2002 "hydrology telemetry gauge" requirements.
The key component of the instrument is a three dimensional streamlined design, which makes the bucket turn over water more smoothly, and has the function of self cleaning dust and easy cleaning.

2 structure and characteristics
As shown in Figure 1, the instrument by the rain mouth 1, 2, 3, water filter funnel bucket bracket 4, tipping bucket 5, skip shaft sleeve 6, an inclination adjusting device 7, a level adjusting device 8 and a constant 9, 10, magnetic reed switch signal output terminals 11, 12, 13 base drainage funnel 14, stainless steel barrel, a base supporting feet 15. The tipping bucket support 4 is equipped with a tipping bucket shaft sleeve 6 and a round horizontal bubble, a reed tube bracket and a signal output terminal.
Unlike other tipping bucket, bucket sleeve of the instrument is the integration of the rotary positioning structure, skip 5 by skip shaft installed in the sleeve of the jewel bearing 2, the bucket assembly and disassembly of the more convenient, but also no longer need to adjust the distance between the two sleeve, for on-site installation convenient.
The turning bucket of the instrument is a three dimensional streamline design, and the design has a drop type cambered surface diversion tip, which has beautiful appearance, smooth flow, better water turnover performance and easy cleaning and maintenance.
The water diversion funnel and the tipping bucket support of the instrument are arranged in close coordination, and the water diversion funnel is not needed to be removed in general.
The channel funnel, tipping bucket and drainage funnel of the instrument are made of imported high quality transparent materials, so that the dynamic process of the instrument is observed more clearly.
There are two constant magnets on the turning bucket of the instrument, and two reed switches are installed on the support of the dry reed pipe. When the instrument is factory, the magnetic steel and the reed switch have been adjusted on the proper coupling distance, so that the output signal of the instrument has a definite proportion relation with the turning times of the turning bucket. One of the two outputs of the instrument is used as field metering, and the other is used as telemetry information. The instrument and telemetry terminal connection, should be equipped with interface circuit, and to prevent the reed switch jitter and counting, caused by the rebound of the news error dump.
This instrument has been factory bucket angle adjustment screw to lock in the best position and angle of inclination of point screw made red paint seal treatment, site installation instrument only when the tipping bucket in accordance with the relevant requirements of this manual will be installed in the bucket bucket bracket 2 sleeve and tipping bucket the level of global support level is located in the center position can be put into use, do not have to live and then adjust the tipping bucket angle.

3 main technical parameters
3.1 socket diameter: Phi 20000.60mm; sharp edge angle: 40o ~ 45 o
3.2 resolution: 0.5mm
3.3 measurement accuracy: less than 3% (indoor artificial precipitation, the displacement of the instrument itself.)
3.4 rain intensity range: 0.01mm ~ 4mm/min (allowed to pass the maximum rain intensity 8mm/min)
3.5 signal mode: double touch point break signal output
3.6 working environment:
Ambient temperature: 0~50 C
Relative humidity; <95% (40)
3.7 size weight: 2.5kg


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