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WYQ-80 bubble type water level gauge

1. Overview
WYQ-80 type bubble gauge suitable for accurate measurement of water environment, because they do not need to build the water level monitoring, water wells, reservoir water level, water power, surge tank water level of piezometer tube and the downstream water level of hydrological station, bubble type water level gauge is one of the most ideal water monitoring instruments. It has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, flexible operation, stable and reliable operation and high accuracy.
WYQ-80 type water level gauge uses CHR1000 digital silicon capacitance oil filled core as pressure detection unit. CHR1000 digital silicon oil filled core is a digital oil filled core invented by the digital silicon capacitive sensor which is produced by the world leading technology 3D-MEMS technology as induction device. Due to the digital silicon capacitive high integrated and the characteristics of 3D-MEMS technology in the measurement points on pressure measurement and measurement points on the temperature measurement, pressure measurement with high precision is 0.05%, relatively the other sensor has the advantages of low power consumption, anti corrosion, anti radiation, anti disturbance and long-term pressure etc..

2. Working principle
The internal air pump of the bubble type water gauge generates compressed air, flows through the special air line and enters the air chamber at a predetermined interval. In the air chamber, bubbles emerge evenly into the water.
The relationship between the liquid level (H) in the bubble chamber and the hydrostatic pressure (P) in the measuring tube is as follows:
P = P GH
Then, assuming that the density of the liquid remains constant, there is a linear relationship between the measurement of the liquid level and the air pressure in the measuring tube. By measuring the air pressure in the measuring pipe, the current water level can be converted. This is the basic principle of liquid level measurement with bubble type water level gauge.

3, product characteristics
- ultra low power static current is less than 15mA
- wide voltage 10VDC~14VDC, normal 12VDC
- wide range 0~10m, 0~20m, 0~40m, 0~80m optional
Digital - multi communication mode: 485 (MODBUS), analog: 4~20mA
Multi - mode: timing acquisition, quantitative acquisition (which can achieve low power consumption, intelligent judgment and time interval adjusts pump work, ensure real-time data while minimizing power consumption)
- support real-time acquisition with a button, press press sensor calibration real-time.
The embedded clock module.
- working status indication
2M - byte solid-state storage cycle recording 150 thousand data (with time tag)
Multi - parameters can be set up water density measurement interval, trigger interval, equipment time, address (number)
The installation and use of simple.

4, technical indicators
Range: 0~10m, 0~20m, 0~40m, 0~80m (range optional)
Accuracy: + 0.05% (0~10m range)
Resolution: 1mm / 0.1mBar
Measurement interval: 5min - 24 h
Output: RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), 4~20mA
Power supply: 12 V DC
Tube diameter: 8
Integrated purification function
overload protection
Storage capacity: 150 thousand (cycle record)
Storage time: more than 10 years
Temperature range:
Operating temperature: 60 degrees C -20.
Storage temperature: -35... 85 degree C
Relative humidity: 10-95%
Protection level: IP65


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